House Tour

Give yourself a tour and see the ongoing projects we’re working away on to make our home inexpensively beautiful. You’re on the journey to “after photos” right along with us. It will be bumpy entertaining.

Our Living Room. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. Four blank walls and a huge bay window.

We’ve started by sorting out some odd furniture problems with media stand storage and swapping some side tables. Then, along came some decorative swag, a DIY chevron art project, and we scored a $10 rug from Urban Outfitters. Next on the agenda is more frames for a larger galleria above the TV and buying creating/finding the perfect coffee table.

The kitchen & dining room is easily where we spend most of our time. But alas, no progress has been made. Yet.

From where the master bedroom started, almost anything would be an upgrade – even just making the bed or getting some furniture.

We’re slowly and patiently figuring out what we want for bedding. Now, my sights are set on getting more art for those big, bare walls.

David’s office embodies the oft-traveled path of man’s transition from college bachelor to newlywed.

A good cleaning helped, as well as getting some things up on the walls. My goal is to design a room that is decorative and put together, but still very “Dave.” This is also known as the how-to-incorporate-sports-posters-into-interior-design conundrum. I’m ready for the challenge.

I joke my office is just a replica of my bedroom throughout college. The Museum of Single Rachel.



I’ve gotten the wheels turning on some fresh updates by scoring this awesome new (to me) craft desk and making a chandelier out of wax paper.

There you have it. The tour of our current home. Come along for the ride!


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