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Join Me at the New Site!

If you haven’t seen all the new changes at, I hope you take a trip on over and check it out. (This site you’re currently looking at is now new look is fresh & clean and, in my opinion, a total upgrade that will vastly improve your viewing experience.

Beyond just hyping the new site and hoping you guys love it as much as I do, this post has a purpose. With the new look, all e-mail subscriptions have been lost. Sad! Scary! Tragic!

I would just hate to lose a single one of you in the switch.  Re-subscribing (or subscribing for the first time!) will really help the new blog grow and prosper (and make my day). Plus, I’ll be sure to keep the crafts, recipes, and attempts at humor coming.

If you’re already on board, visit the bottom of this post and easily subscribe in the new site’s right sidebar. If you’re still left with questions, let me woo you.

Why bother signing up?
Subscribing by e-mail makes you the first to receive each of my unique recipes and posts. Not only that, they’ll be delivered neatly to your inbox.

Will you share my e-mail with anyone?
Never! Perish the thought. I hate spam as much as you.

What if I decide I want to unsubscribe?
It’s easy! Just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and you’ll be immediately removed from the mailing list.

Alright then, let’s do this. How do I sign up?
Yay! Here you go:

SUBSCRIBE! This will take you to the new site, where you can easily subscribe in the right sidebar.

A super, big, enormous thank you to every one of you who has ever tried a recipe, commented, subscribed, or even just clicked around my little slice of the internet. You encourage me and allow me to do what I love!

While we’re at it, FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest are more ways to keep up to speed – if you want ’em. Continue reading


Seasons of Love: Summer Edition

Happy Labor Day/End(ish) of Summer, friends! We’ve formed a little seasonal marriage tradition. I’m calling it “Seasons of Love,” but I’m open to suggestions for a little less dorky of a name. Even I roll my eyes a little, but when I get past its working-title, I really love it. On our wedding day, we took this picture beneath a tree in the town where we were married.

Now, we are returning to the same spot each season of our first year of marriage to take another photo. Our Wedding day in May was our spring edition. And now, we’ve completed our summer installment too. Continue reading

Camryn’s Classy & Eclectic Wedding

Camryn is my beautiful and hipster friend who tied the knot this August to the equally beautiful and hipster Doug. If you’re keeping track, she’s the gal who graciously did all of our wedding photos in May. That’s right, she was getting married the same summer and still hooked us up. Wonder woman! Their engagement photos are some of my favorite I’ve ever seen.

And I’m loving what she did for her reception table settings. So pretty and put-together, without trying too hard. The whole event’s feeling was elegantly artistic and effortless.

Her favors were perfectly little chevron-packaged lemon drops and gumballs.

And for dinner: stuffed pork loin with citrus sauce. Camryn and her dad crafted the inspiration for this dish, which makes the whole meal about a thousand times more adorable.

The dessert spread was incredible. We’re talking blood orange and olive oil cupcakes, lemon raspberry cupcakes, sugar cookies, and french macaroons. I think I justified eating far too many tiny cupcakes under the rationale that they were small. Same thing as my “donut-hole theory.” Continue reading

Duvets & Goose-Down Comforters

In my fantasized mind, sleeping with a goose-down comforter happens when you’re in a little bed and breakfast in Scotland with a wooden four-post bed and a cute patchwork quilt. (I’ve never done this, people. It’s just my fantasy.) What a glam life. We registered for Pottery Barn’s Classic Down Comforter, bought for us by … Continue reading

Winner: $25 Bed, Bath & Beyond Gift Card

Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway. Congratulations to our lucky winner… Marilee! She shared this great Wedding DIY with us: I think the cleverest DIY wedding present is a handmade casserole dish warmer with the glass dish included that had been embossed with the family last name. That is so personal, worthy as … Continue reading