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Join Me at the New Site!

If you haven’t seen all the new changes at, I hope you take a trip on over and check it out. (This site you’re currently looking at is now new look is fresh & clean and, in my opinion, a total upgrade that will vastly improve your viewing experience.

Beyond just hyping the new site and hoping you guys love it as much as I do, this post has a purpose. With the new look, all e-mail subscriptions have been lost. Sad! Scary! Tragic!

I would just hate to lose a single one of you in the switch.  Re-subscribing (or subscribing for the first time!) will really help the new blog grow and prosper (and make my day). Plus, I’ll be sure to keep the crafts, recipes, and attempts at humor coming.

If you’re already on board, visit the bottom of this post and easily subscribe in the new site’s right sidebar. If you’re still left with questions, let me woo you.

Why bother signing up?
Subscribing by e-mail makes you the first to receive each of my unique recipes and posts. Not only that, they’ll be delivered neatly to your inbox.

Will you share my e-mail with anyone?
Never! Perish the thought. I hate spam as much as you.

What if I decide I want to unsubscribe?
It’s easy! Just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and you’ll be immediately removed from the mailing list.

Alright then, let’s do this. How do I sign up?
Yay! Here you go:

SUBSCRIBE! This will take you to the new site, where you can easily subscribe in the right sidebar.

A super, big, enormous thank you to every one of you who has ever tried a recipe, commented, subscribed, or even just clicked around my little slice of the internet. You encourage me and allow me to do what I love!

While we’re at it, FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest are more ways to keep up to speed – if you want ’em. Continue reading


An Office Collage

I’ve lately been trying to make some moves to get my craft room to be a little more inspiring. A She & Him pandora station helps me feel artsy and hip, but I’m still left wanting more.

Please witness the before…

…and the after.

Yay. It makes everything just a little bit more “me.” If you’re curious who the painting is of, it’s BFF Elysia’s dad. Random and weird, I know. But that’s why I dig it. Plus, she painted it herself so that’s even cooler. Do you have any collages or eclectic bulletin boards in your home? Upload pictures to the Facebook page! I’d love to be inspired. Continue reading

Paint Stick Lamp Shade

Your success in this virtually free DIY depends solely on your willingness to shamelessly swipe the free paint sticks at Home Depot. Just kidding. They’re super friendly and let you have as many as you want. If you’ve got an old lamp shade that’s up for grabs, you’re well on your way to a new wooden, earthy, masculine, sophisticated, Frank-Lloyd-Wright-ish beauty.

Over at HD, we picked up the sticks and brought them home for staining. This was especially easy since we were already staining our rustic farmhouse coffee table DIY. For a 12 inch diamater shade, we needed 32 paint sticks. Continue reading

Seasons of Love: Summer Edition

Happy Labor Day/End(ish) of Summer, friends! We’ve formed a little seasonal marriage tradition. I’m calling it “Seasons of Love,” but I’m open to suggestions for a little less dorky of a name. Even I roll my eyes a little, but when I get past its working-title, I really love it. On our wedding day, we took this picture beneath a tree in the town where we were married.

Now, we are returning to the same spot each season of our first year of marriage to take another photo. Our Wedding day in May was our spring edition. And now, we’ve completed our summer installment too. Continue reading

Capiz Shell Chandelier DIY

Capiz shell chandeliers are so gorgeous and glam, it’s no wonder they go for such high prices. Even this tiny pendant from west elm will still run you $130.

Get ready for this; we re-created the same look for $2! The secret weapon? Wax paper.

With one roll of wax paper, we made the whole thing! We started by ripping off a sheet about 2-3 feet long and folding it up accordion style.

Using a 1-2″ hole punch, we cut out circles.

Lots and lots of circles. Until the whole roll was gone.

It wasn’t at all as grueling as I expected. With Dave and I working on it together, it only took about an hour.

This next step was a little more labor-intensive; we sewed all the circles together. This took a while, but it was pretty mindless and easy to do while watching Sleepless in Seattle. It also helped that Mom Schultz took shifts with me.

Using an old lampshade, we stripped the fabric off and used the metal as the frame of the chandelier. Continue reading