I Don’t Have Time

When did it become so cool in our culture to be busy? And stressed?

I understand the allure and I’ve been guilty of it before. It makes me feel important. Or like I have such a booming social life I can’t really commit to penciling in a hang out with someone unless it’s super far in advance or something.

I think our problem is not too little time, but making better use of the time we have. Time is precious, yet I squander it thoughtlessly.

Oswald Chambers says “‘I dont have time’ is the refuge of a small minded person. Each of us has time to do the whole will of God in our lives. The strength of moral character is conserved by refusing the unimportant.”

The president of the United States has just as many hours in the day as me.

How interesting that the Gospel accounts contain no hint of any interruption ever disturbing Jesus. Few things are more likely to produce tension in a busy life than unexpected interruptions, yet to Jesus there was no such thing. “Unexpected” events were always foreseen in the Father’s planning, and Jesus was therefore undisturbed by them. At times there was hardly time to eat, but time was always sufficient to accomplish all the Father’s will.

“Do it now,” is the motto of many successful world leaders. I’m trying to go just one week without procrastinating. Care to join me?

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Much of my content (and life) is about cooking and decorating, but it is not what defines me. I hope you enjoy thinking about an occasional question on God as you come across it on this blog. Thanks for reading. Love, Rach

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Have Time

  1. Rachael, today’s email blessed me deeply! I have been asking God direction lately, and have been made aware how much stress affects my life, health, well being, relationships and witness. Your blog has reinforced this and touched my spirit. Thank you! Liz

  2. Interesting concept. I like your take on this. Beg the question… how much time are we really “wasting” by being too busy to do what is really important? Thanks for your insight.

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