Recipes Gone Wild

Sometimes people ask me if a particular recipe is actually as good as I say it is. In other words, is the stuff I hawk really worth making? I’m a little surprised by the inquiry because of course I would only post recipes I can completely stand behind. But then it hit me. I may be inadvertently potraying that all of my adventures in the kitchen turn out picture perfect.

This is laughably untrue.

Per your request, I will take you on a journey of 5 recipes that are what the kids call an EPIC FAIL.

Some of these are common popular pins on Pinterest, so here’s my attempt at saving you from the hype.

EPIC FAIL 1: Dried Strawberries

I love love love dried fruit. But it also tend$ to break the bank. This pin naturally caught my eye, as it boasted a super simple recipe for dried strawberries. Simply slice them up and leave in oven for 3 hours at 210 degrees. At the end of several hours all I had on my hands was a wasted crate of slimy room temperature berries.

EPIC FAIL 2: Pineapple Flower Cupcakes

This is a classic case of pinning without following the link first. Here I was after a trip to the grocery store, geared up to make some pretty cupcakes. With a knife and pineapple in hand, I clicked over to see all of these directions written in some language foreign to me. Even if I could’ve tracked down a translator, it is simply impossible for your average-Jane to slice pineapple this thin, even with our wedding-registry-top-of-the-line Wusthof knives.

EPIC FAIL 3: 500 Calorie Pumpkin Bread Loaf

When a recipe goes bad, I try to approach the mess with a humble heart. After all, if it’s posted on a seemingly legitimate food blog, I know the author wasn’t meaning to be malicious and sabotage me with a bad recipe. I just don’t know what to make of this, though. When you pour the second layer of dough on top of the cream cheese layer, it just sinks to the bottom, leaving a messy, burnt on the outside, raw on the inside disaster. I guess the 500 calories for the whole loaf really was too good to be true.

EPIC FAIL 4: A Natural Cure for the Common Cold

I completely take some of the blame on this one. Anything that claims to have a cure to the common cold is exaggerating or a hoax. Nonetheless, last weekend I felt a bug coming on and thought I’d give it a try. Sure, the warm water relaxed my body aches, but I had a full-fledged nasty cold coming and this measly bath wasn’t going to stop it.

EPIC FAIL 5: Yogurt Dipped Strawberries

This method for yogurt strawberries is pretty tasteless and misleading. The snack must be served frozen rock solid. So really you end up with a ice ball in your mouth, then a little taste of yogurt, and then 10 minutes later, a frozen strawberry.

That’s my review of a few popular pins. I’m not trying to debunk things just for the sake of controversy. I only posted links I can be as sure as possible was a recipe-flaw and not a user error. What pinterest pins have you checked out, only to be sorely disappointed?


10 thoughts on “Recipes Gone Wild

  1. I am so sorry for the mishaps, but am grateful you shared. I have wanted to try several of these, and now I will delete them from my pinterest or leave a comment, and spare others the waste of time, hopes and ingredients. We can’t do everything, but each of us can do something. That something is important ! Thanks for your daily, weekly ‘something’ You are valuable and important !

  2. ohmygoshYES! I think the most disappointing pin I tried was using the foam tubing to make a cheaper wreath form. It completely collapsed from the weight of the decorations. womp womp.

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