Andy Warhol Soup Can Pencil Cups

Alert the media! Oh, they already know. Either way, this is absolutely awesome.

So, I’m walking through Target and this Pop Art Mecca appears before my eyes.

Watch how fast I grabbed one of each.

Yes, they’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of Andy’s iconic masterpiece by making bold and beautiful soup cans available in your very own Target. I rushed home, fed Dave some soup, did a thorough wipe down, and gave my pens and brushes a new home.

Are you going to get some?


3 thoughts on “Andy Warhol Soup Can Pencil Cups

  1. I think there is a need for balance with these issues, and I fear that that balance is being lost in the hunt for political correctness. Ultimately, if the remains are old enough, they’re evyy#bodr&e8217;s ancestors so to claim that one group or another has more of a right to decide what happens to them is ludicrous. Living in the same geographical area now does not make them necessarily actual relatives either. I believe John Hawks blogged about this issue only a few weeks ago with a case in, I think, Alaska.

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