Paint Stick Lamp Shade

Your success in this virtually free DIY depends solely on your willingness to shamelessly swipe the free paint sticks at Home Depot. Just kidding. They’re super friendly and let you have as many as you want. If you’ve got an old lamp shade that’s up for grabs, you’re well on your way to a new wooden, earthy, masculine, sophisticated, Frank-Lloyd-Wright-ish beauty.

Over at HD, we picked up the sticks and brought them home for staining. This was especially easy since we were already staining our rustic farmhouse coffee table DIY. For a 12 inch diamater shade, we needed 32 paint sticks.

Hot glue them on and you’re done!

We used it for a table lamp, but I may one day migrate it up to the ceiling for some pendant lighting. So fresh and so cheap. I swoon.

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3 thoughts on “Paint Stick Lamp Shade

  1. I’m a paint department supervisor at a WA state HD. Just out of curiosity, when customers ask me for a large amount of free paint sticks, I ask what they are using them for. Most of the time it’s for school projects. Now I’ve decided to make a lampshade myself. I am going to use the 5 gallon paint stir sticks because I want it to be long. It’s going to hang from the very high ceiling over the stairs. I’m planning to stain it with a mixture of Minwax Gunstock and Red Mahogany. I’m going to have to buy a pendant kit fro HD because I haven’t been able to find one at my local Goodwill. I did however find a set of embroidery wood hoops about 12″ diameter, I’m hoping to achieve more of a cylinder (drum shade) shape. I can’t wait to see it hanging. I love the lampshade you did. I’ve seen a few online but I like the stained ones more then the painted ones. Yours has a beautiful masculine rustic look. Nice work!

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