Seasons of Love: Summer Edition

Happy Labor Day/End(ish) of Summer, friends! We’ve formed a little seasonal marriage tradition. I’m calling it “Seasons of Love,” but I’m open to suggestions for a little less dorky of a name. Even I roll my eyes a little, but when I get past its working-title, I really love it. On our wedding day, we took this picture beneath a tree in the town where we were married.

Now, we are returning to the same spot each season of our first year of marriage to take another photo. Our Wedding day in May was our spring edition. And now, we’ve completed our summer installment too.

Boy, I sure do love him. I can’t wait for the final result! For (almost) anything else you could ever want to know about our wedding, read here.


11 thoughts on “Seasons of Love: Summer Edition

  1. Wouldn’t that be great! I got married in the Netherlands, couldn’t afford the trip every season but my in-laws would love us visiting!

  2. Hi Rachel, I’m a fairly new subscriber, but I just wanted to say that this is adorable! Happy for you guys! Keep up the good work with the newsletter, I really enjoy it. Dori


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