Capiz Shell Chandelier DIY

Capiz shell chandeliers are so gorgeous and glam, it’s no wonder they go for such high prices. Even this tiny pendant from west elm will still run you $130.

Get ready for this; we re-created the same look for $2! The secret weapon? Wax paper.

With one roll of wax paper, we made the whole thing! We started by ripping off a sheet about 2-3 feet long and folding it up accordion style.

Using a 1-2″ hole punch, we cut out circles.

Lots and lots of circles. Until the whole roll was gone.

It wasn’t at all as grueling as I expected. With Dave and I working on it together, it only took about an hour.

This next step was a little more labor-intensive; we sewed all the circles together. This took a while, but it was pretty mindless and easy to do while watching Sleepless in Seattle. It also helped that Mom Schultz took shifts with me.

Using an old lampshade, we stripped the fabric off and used the metal as the frame of the chandelier.

We cut the circle strands into our desired lengths (14 for the top tier and 12 for the bottom two tiers, if you’re curious) and draped them over the lamp shade. I love it! And it’s one of the cheapest DIY’s I’ve ever done.

And the glowing light is super pretty when illuminated.

This is in fierce competition with our rustic farmhouse coffee table DIY for my favorite project of the summer. What are y’alls best favorite lighting DIY’s?


8 thoughts on “Capiz Shell Chandelier DIY

  1. I love it. Great DIY. How did you get the different layers (tiers) from using a lamp shade rim? I would love to do this.

  2. How awesome! I just wondered how i could have a capiz shell item when i have no way to get to a craft store. Thank you, i can still enjoy the look. Do you have an idea how to have colored ones.

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