What Everyone Should Know About Crate & Barrel

Um, that it rocks. Alright, I feel like I am the last person in the world to jump on the Crate & Barrel train. I’ve heard everyone rave about it and say it’s just the best home decor store ever, but it wasn’t until my dear pal Adam’s wedding gift to us was from there that I experienced and loved it firsthand. He gifted us with these sweet mini-pie pans.

And, the Handheld Pies cookbook.

What a great gift! He totally intrigued me enough to get me to drive 30 minutes up to a C&B store. First of all, the place is huge. Like, 4 or 5 floors, but I think I lost count. It’s just bursting with neat and innovative things. And now for the round-up of our purchases. First, this turquoise indoor/outdoor centerpiece bowl. I might use this display some seasonal decor, ie: pinecones, flowers, autumnal leaves.

This black pillow tucked into our bedding is subtly giving our bedding some much needed balance and dimension.

And this adorable mustard-yellow decorative plate, found on the clearance rack for only $3.

As for the most-vied-for-yet-not-purchased item, that award goes to these watercolor paper sketches of world landmarks. I snapped some iPhone photos for inspiration to recreate our own – perhaps of special or sentimental places to me and David?

Any other Crate & Barrel fans? What are you window shopping from there? Have you ever recreated something you’ve seen in the store? Oh, and in the spirit of new discoveries, you can also read about my hot, new relationship with Etsy.


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