All Things Etsy

Very recently was it that I hopped on the Etsy bandwagon. If you’re also the last one to the party, (don’t feel bad) Etsy is kind of  like Ebay, but for all things cute and crafty. Or, as they describe themselves, “the world’s handmade marketplace.” My first ever purchase was this bangin’ new iPhone case for only $16.

My other fave finds include this antiquey globe, perfect for our yet-to-be-fully-started globe collection.

A hand-pulled screen print of Noah’s Ark.

Blue Chalcedony earrings! Oh man, I’m in love.

A sleek Remington typewriter. Is it totally impractical that I want a typewriter? Would I ever actually use it? Are there any proud typewriter owners out there?
And this fun newlywed apparel. How perfect for a rehearsal dinner or honeymoon travel day.

Speaking of weddings, Etsy now has a bridal registry. Amazing! Wish that’d been around when we got hitched all those years months ago.

What are you favorite Etsy shops? Please share! I’m trying to get deeper into this lovely world of vintage homemade goodness.


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