Camryn’s Classy & Eclectic Wedding

Camryn is my beautiful and hipster friend who tied the knot this August to the equally beautiful and hipster Doug. If you’re keeping track, she’s the gal who graciously did all of our wedding photos in May. That’s right, she was getting married the same summer and still hooked us up. Wonder woman! Their engagement photos are some of my favorite I’ve ever seen.

And I’m loving what she did for her reception table settings. So pretty and put-together, without trying too hard. The whole event’s feeling was elegantly artistic and effortless.

Her favors were perfectly little chevron-packaged lemon drops and gumballs.

And for dinner: stuffed pork loin with citrus sauce. Camryn and her dad crafted the inspiration for this dish, which makes the whole meal about a thousand times more adorable.

The dessert spread was incredible. We’re talking blood orange and olive oil cupcakes, lemon raspberry cupcakes, sugar cookies, and french macaroons. I think I justified eating far too many tiny cupcakes under the rationale that they were small. Same thing as my “donut-hole theory.”

And since we’re on the topic, we mustn’t forget my other wedding photographer, Emily, who was one of Cam’s bridesmaids.

What a day! Such an honor to celebrate with the lovely couple. If you can’t get enough wedding stuff, check out all the details about our big day last May.

Engagement photo via Lamb + Lark


2 thoughts on “Camryn’s Classy & Eclectic Wedding

  1. I am really enjoying your blog (found via pintrest). I love how there are so few degrees of separation in the world – saw these cookies, and knew they were Sweet Heather Anne, and checked them out and they were! Any way, keep up the awesome blogging – i love it :)

    Janelle – New Zealand

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