How To Re-Use Thrift Store Art

Even budget-concious places like Target still sometimes charge $20 for simple frames. That’s why I’m all about getting them from thrift stores and garage sales. Usually, I throw away whatever tacky art is inside and use it for one of my own photos. BUT! This post inspired me with a very easy DIY to completely re-vamp dated secondhand finds.

Using painter’s tape, scrapbook letters, or really any removable adhesive, arrange your phrase or design on to the original photo. A person’s name or song lyric are some ideas. I chose a Bible verse (Isaiah 6:8). Depending on what look you prefer, bigger, block-ier letters (pictured above) can allow more of the color to shine through.

Once everything is centered and aligned as you like, brush or spray paint two light coats of color on to the entire photo.

Allow paint to dry. Slowly and carefully remove letters. I wanted a more industrial looking piece, so I didn’t worry too much about the paint coating unevenly or making any nicks while removing the letters. For an edgier feel, I used an upside-down “V” for an “A” and blocked out the openings in the loop of the “R”s.

Back in its original frame, this new art is now best buds with our monogram.

When he first saw it, Dave was amazed and perplexed, wondering how I had made such seemingly intricate letters. Now that you know how it’s done, isn’t it so simple?

If you’re left wanting yet another super easy homemade venture, take a look at our living room’s DIY Chevron Art.


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