NFL Hall of Fame Game

Two years ago, I lived in Slovenia for seven weeks during the summer, sharing the Gospel with students in Ljubljana. During that trip, I met two of my favorite people (who are now married to each other!). Niki and Jordan leave next month to return to Slovenia for a full year. Dave and I crashed at their place for a long weekend to say goodbye for the next 365(ish) days.

The Shirkman’s are inspiring people all around, but I have to brag about them for just a second because they are the absolute gold standard in hospitality. They researched and prepared our favorite foods, made us the most thoughtful welcome gift basket, and Niki’s family treated us to 4 amazing seats for the Hall of Fame Game to kick of the NFL pre-season. (David and I were quietly freaking out and getting really fan-girly when we found out we got to go.)

They encouraged me to think of ways to let people know they’re special when they visit our home. What are some things you do to get ready for guests to make them feel loved (even on a budget)?


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