Ikea Floor Lamps

A couple months ago, we bought a dresser from IKEA for our bedroom. Parts were missing. Twice. Pieces were defective. You don’t want to hear all the details, but it ended in us scoring a $60 gift card for our trouble! Not sure what we’d spend our winnings on we drove on up to IKEA and found ourselves in the lighting department.

My thoughts turned to the floor lamp who resides in our living room. (Please excuse my Olympics watching.)

Our lamp friend is a hand-me-down found in David’s parents’ basement. It was super handy when we first moved in, as our living room has no ceiling light. But now, we have a chance for something new.

We snagged the HEMMA lampbase for $15 and the 18″ JÄRA shade for $20.

We’re sort of considering getting one for the other side of the TV. But then again, I like it when things don’t match too perfectly. Jury’s out for now.

To see all the other stuff going down in our living room, you can check out our decorative swag, side table swapping, DIY chevron art, and how I scored a $10 rug from Urban Outfitters.


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