Duvets & Goose-Down Comforters

In my fantasized mind, sleeping with a goose-down comforter happens when you’re in a little bed and breakfast in Scotland with a wooden four-post bed and a cute patchwork quilt. (I’ve never done this, people. It’s just my fantasy.) What a glam life. We registered for Pottery Barn’s Classic Down Comforter, bought for us by my sweet and loving family.

We weren’t in our house more than 6 seconds before we were overrun by feathers. I’m not exaggerating this, you guys. Feathers everywhere. We had to sweep every day. I’m not sure if this happens with all goose-down comforters, or maybe this is a Pottery Barn flaw, but we returned it for the Pottery Barn Micromax.

What a relief. Consider my word of caution, reader. Go for the Micromax. It’s a synthetic replica that is

  1. Hypo-allergenic
  2. Much softer, and
  3. There aren’t feathers in every orifice of our bedroom.

And now for our second bedding-related registry flip-flop. As mentioned above, my rockstar family was kind enough to buy us exactly what we requested in our registry. Only for me to change my mind. It’s completely my fault. We chose Pottery Barn’s Hadley Ruched Duvet.

In our bedroom, the ruching always seemed saggy and not put-together. I started keeping my eye out for something better.

We found the Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet from West Elm.

So much better! It still has the same great texture that make it feel soft and inviting. The best part is West Elm and Pottery Barn are sister companies, so they let us switch using in-store credit.

That’s our bedding story. Is this goose-down ordeal just with us or have other people had this problem too?


5 thoughts on “Duvets & Goose-Down Comforters

  1. We always got poked by the feathers– ouch!! Lol so we have a goose down now- and it’s by northern lights or northern nights… Can’t remember lol we like it!! I like your choices too!! The duvet is pretty!! Have fun sleeping!!

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