Living Room Accessories

I’ve been all over antique stores and flea markets lately. Scoring finds like you wouldn’t believe. Like this killer bust of King David for only $14.

I thought about spray painting it white or maybe a bright modern color like tiffany blue or grellow. That was quickly vetoed by my own King David as too girly. In hindsight, I agree. This thing is a beautiful, authentic looking relic that I was about to make it look like some cheap plastic thing in an Urban Outfitters discount bin.

Now King D resides on a scholarly looking stack of books. Not just any books – our LOTR collection. Is anyone else geeked out of their mind for The Hobbit this December?

Before I get too distracted talking about Bilbo, you guys need a recap on the other swag we’ve been garnering. Starting with this rockstar lamp from TJ Maxx.

This gem of a rug I got for $10 at Urban Outfitters. (Sorry for bashing you above, UO.)

Our Aunt Diane made us these handmade coasters. Just get some Modge Podge and cute scrapbook paper and you can have a set too.

David and I love traveling and even met each other on a missions trip to share the Gospel in the Middle East. Our hope is to eventually collect a cool globe for every room of our house. They help remind us to pray for places where people have never heard of Jesus.

Oh, and you guys remember our wedding guest book jar, right? Check out the story on that.

This ends our brief tour of living room ornaments. This room is starting to come along. See ya’ll at a The Hobbit screening tomorrow.


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