Pet Bunnies

The Schultzes may be adding a new member to their family. No, not a baby.

Should we do it? Have you had experience with rabbits as pets before? Do they shed? Do they gnaw on stuff? Are they snuggly? Are they good pets overall?

Dave looks really cute holding him, so that’s kind of selling me on it. He could be in a GQ spread called like “Hotties & Rodents” or something.

Although that’s probably not a good enough reason to get a pet.


10 thoughts on “Pet Bunnies

  1. Yes they she’d and you really have to bunny proof:). We are on our second bunny…. Get a lop ear. They are so much friendlier! We love our bunny but my daughter still wants a pug!

  2. It’s been a few years since I had my pet rabbit. But to answer your questions, yes, they shed. I wouldn’t say they are as bad as cats & dogs, but they do shed. And yes, they gnaw on stuff. We would let ours roam around the house, and later we noticed that they had chewed up the corners of the carpet underneath the furniture that they were hiding under. That, and mine loved to chew electrical cords. And yes, they are snuggly. I LOVED my rabbit! I wish I could talk my husband into letting me get another one. I’ve heard that they can be litter box trained, but I never tried to do that with ours.

    • Very interesting. I love that they’re snuggly and so cute. The shedding and chewing on things is what gets me, though. That may be a dealbreaker! Thanks for the info. I hope one day you can get another one :)

  3. I’ve had a rabbit for about 4 years now. She is litter box trained and can roam free in the house. We haven’t had a lot of trouble with her gnawing on things – she prefers to just be held, eat, or be. The only time they shed is when you hold them. They will shed on your clothes.
    We just keep her cage open when we let her out and then she’ll jump right back in the cage when she has to use her litter box. When we let her out, she gets really excited and jump around for a bit then she’ll settle down and want to be held while we watch TV or just find a comfy corner to hang out in.
    just an FYI- Lop ear bunnies are very nice rabbits but my best friend had one and it got HUGE. To my knowledge, lop ear rabbits are one of the largest breeds.

    I recommend getting in contact with a breeder. They are the most knowledgeable and often have taken great care of the bunnies at a younger age. Often these breeders have extra bunnies from a litter that are not “rabbit-show-worthy” and will give you the rabbit for free. This was the case with my bunny. She had a blue-coloring in her eyes that kept her from being shown. My rabbit, Cassie, is a dutch rabbit. This breed of rabbit is one of the more “intelligent” {as intelligent as a rabbit can get ha} breeds. They are also one of the more gentler rabbits personality-wise. I’ve had a great experience with my rabbit and read great things about this dutch breed.

    They also very affordable to maintain. The rabbit food is bought in bulk for cheap at Soldans (in Okemos, MI). As a younger rabbit, we fed her plain rolled oats (easier for baby bunnies to digest). The initial cost of buying a cage is going to be the most costly. Overall, pretty affordable and easy to train. I recommend them! Make sure to do your research too!

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