Chevron DIY Art

Everywhere I look, there are chevrons.



No complaints here. I’m totally on board with this trend – and that manifested itself in this project, which is a bit chevron-inspired.

Our long term dream is to have a huge galleria around our living room. While we build our small art and photos collection, I need something above the couch.

And so came along this piece of artwork featured in a bathroom renovation on Young House Love blog.

To make your very own version, get yourself a canvas of any size. We got a huge 30×48 one at Michael’s, which with a 25% off coupon, was only about $30. Over at Lowe’s, we picked up some small test pots of Olympic Dover Gray, Valspar Cathedral Stone, and Valspar Coastal Villa. With those three colors and white, we mixed about 7 or 8 different shades for the entire piece. Start by marking once inch lines across your canvas.

Using the corner of a yard stick, or any square object, make little chevron tips all over. Fill stripes in with alternating colors.

This project is really simple, but be prepared to put some time into it. I’d expect about eight work hours. Cut it down to four if you bring a friend along. Or husband.

I love having a one-of-a-kind, made-totally-by-me-and-David, painting in our house. I’m glad we used neutral tones, so as we move or redesign rooms, we’ll never have trouble finding somewhere to showcase it.

Photos from apartment therapy, HouseBeautiful, and plum pretty sugar.


4 thoughts on “Chevron DIY Art

  1. I’ve been eyeing this piece on YHL for a while wondering if I should take the plunge too … I think you guys have convinced me! :)

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