Flower Bouquet Pens

Borz (my mom) taught me this crafty trick years ago. I find this is the perfect way to conceal pens beautifully, while always having them handy. Are you a secretary or teacher who has suffered far too many casualties in the war against pen stealers? Well, consider this the atomic bomb that is going to end that battle. These are quite a bit harder to accidentally walk off with.

Collect silk flowers of any color or variety. You could even arrange different bouquets for each season.

Trim leaves from flowers and cut stem to about 2 inches in length. Align stem with top of pen. Any ball point pen with a smooth exterior will work.

Wrap pen and flower in floral tape to securely adhere them to one another.

Continue to create as many pens as you wish. I like a fuller look; six was perfect for a quart sized mason jar.


6 thoughts on “Flower Bouquet Pens

  1. My Doctors office does this: felt hearts for February, shamrocks for march, eggs for April, and so on. They keep them upright by filling a container with coffee beans. So cute

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