Our Naked Walls

We have a small issue here at Fort Schultz. Everywhere you look in our house are empty walls, needing to be filled. Such is the trials of recently moving, I suppose. And being just-starting-out-newlyweds.

Although well intentioned, this humble frame is entirely too small for our Dining Room.

Remember that mirror I impulsively ripped off our living room wall? Well, it is the perfect replacement for that little guy.

Back in the living room, I have big plans for fixing this problem. Hopefully, we will expand the galleria around the corner and up to the ceiling. The trouble with that is, we’re going to have to collect a trillion bazillion quite a few frames first. Yard sales, here we come.

This photo from Houzz gets me inspired.

While we’re at it, I’ll entertain you with some other rockin’ displays I have been loving lately. A wall of chalkboard? Absolutely!
Using pretty, mismatched china as art
Taking pictures up to the ceiling in a unique shaped room
I like this room’s diversity of little artifacts and knick-knacks. Not sure if I’d ever be brave enough to paint a room bright teal.
For us, the worst of our troubles is by far our bedroom. Those walls are totally empty. Here’s my vision for improvement. I’d like an asymmetrical design of some rich, medium-dark brown wood finished frames on either side of the bed…
…and two symmetrical pieces above the dressers.
What are some cool things you’ve seen used as wall art? Musical instruments? Antique sports equipment? Children’s artwork? I’d love to hear more ideas.
Galleria photos from Shannon Berrey, mmmcrafts, elledecor, and Poppytalk.

7 thoughts on “Our Naked Walls

  1. i did a similar collage of prints at my house in kalamazoo and am planning on continuing in our new apartment! i have found most of my prints from etsy, society 6, and thrift stores. i have a mix of graphic prints, screen prints, photographs, collages i have made, typographic prints, pretty cards i have been given and some of my favorite fine art. it is definitely something you can’t rush, you’re curating your own gallery!

  2. also i know a couple great places here in ann arbor for cheap awesome antique frames. let me know if you want the names!

  3. I also hate blank walls and love to put up LOTS of pictures. I have a collection of antique fashion prints from the late 1800s — several different magazines, but all done in a similar style. It’s not for everyone, but we have a family room and a more formal living room and the girly stuff is in the living room. My husband and I raised three boys and I felt I needed the girly space at times.

    • How cool! I love it. You’re my role model for creating a girly area in our home since I’m trying so hard to keep everything masculine now that I live with a BOY. Thanks for reading!


  4. I recently used some paper flowers to accent some frames on my wall. I love the way it turned out! Though they aren’t up yet, I have a few really pretty drawer-pulls I’m going to use to hang photos from. Using knick-knacks and other pretty things is a great way to decorate – it can be less expensive than using a large piece and is a great way to add texture and color. Can’t beat that! :)

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