Side Table Swap

My favorite decorating sessions are when a moment of enlightenment strikes me and I make some major upgrade by moving a piece of furniture or art from one room to another. It’s like I bought something new without having to pay for it. (Although this post is not about how kleptomania can help you design on a budget). It’s similar to that sensation after freshly rearranging furniture within a room when everything just feels shiny and new.

At 11pm last night, I realized abruptly and urgently that I just had to switch the side tables in our living room and bedroom. Although basically asleep, Dave was supportive and enthusiastic. What a catch. I love him. Anyway, back to the side tables.





The living room had too much clunky, white furniture. These smaller, gray tables add another neutral tone and give the whole room a more eclectic, modern, and less “matchy” look. I was loving having less white so much, I finally had the empowerment to get rid of the mirror above the couch. That mirror had been taunting me with its not-quite-the-right-size-for-that-wall-ness for weeks. Now, I’m hoping to continue the galleria above the TV around the corner and higher up to the ceiling.

Maybe something inspired by this photo from Houzz.

Oh, boy. Better start collecting frames. And printing photos. Try switching around something in your house today. Enjoy a risk-free, no cost makeover!

4 thoughts on “Side Table Swap

  1. Where did you get the white side tables? I’m having a hard time finding ones that look just like that (round top)!

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