Cleaning David’s Office

Here’s the messy, just moved, transitioning from college bachelor to prestigious, working husband version of David’s Office The Dave Cave.

And, here’s a quick update. It’s cleaned and the walls aren’t bare anymore. Now, I am presented with the delightful challenge of decorating a room that feels classy and put together while featuring lots sports paraphernalia. This may be difficult, but I’m all about preserving the “Dave-ness” of his space. Let’s see how this goes. Does anyone who’s done a room like this before have tips?


3 thoughts on “Cleaning David’s Office

  1. I would definitely change the curtains to something NOT pleated. Maybe with grommets, Paint the bookcase black. The walls would look wonderful with some trim in the middle and possibly another color painted on the bottom or maybe even add some grass cloth at the bottom for texture. I made a bulletin board for my husband’s office by stapling burlap onto foam board ( purchased at Lowe’s) I made a border on the edges with black duct tape. He does drafting and loves it. I purchased extra large tacks in black and red from Office Depot. Hope that helps!

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