Giveaway: $25 Bed, Bath & Beyond Gift Card


To conclude last week’s wedding extravaganza, we are celebrating with a contest sponsored by The Great American Wedding Expo. Should you be the lucky winner, you will score: a $25 giftcard to Bed, Bath & Beyond. How perfect, since they’re America’s #1 Bridal Registry. Buy something for yourself or have it pay for the gift for the next wedding or shower you attend.

PRIZE: $25 gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond

SPONSOR: The Great American Wedding Expo

TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “WEDDING WEEK” and tell me…

BONUS QUESTION: What’s your favorite wedding DIY project you’ve ever seen or created yourself? Don’t forget to “like” The Great American Wedding Expo‘s Facebook page.

GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Tuesday, July 17th at 11pm EST


PRIZE SHIPS: United States only

DISCLAIMER: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winner will be selected randomly and announced Tuesday. That individual will be contacted via e-mail for their mailing address to have their prize shipped directly to them.

Note: I am not paid for hosting these giveaways, but I do them to thank you for supporting the blog. I appreciate you! I hope you continue to enjoy reading. Prizes are generously donated by the company or individual mentioned in each giveaway post. 


104 thoughts on “Giveaway: $25 Bed, Bath & Beyond Gift Card

  1. WEDDING WEEK ….at my good friend Audrey’s wedding for a seating chart she wrote out eat person who was attending name on a small colored piece of paper. Then stuck all of the name cards on 3 painted shutters. It was so colorful and very unique. Also at my cousins wedding at Torch Lake, MI, for name crds at each place she wrote the individual names on a piece of drift wood. It was a great souvenir to keep from a beautiful ceremony.

    • That drift wood idea is awesome. Very classy. I like favors that people actually would want to keep! Thanks for commenting.


  2. Wedding Week – – – – – –
    My daughter was married 10 days ago. The venue were both the wedding and reception consisted of one large room to hold the event. We needed some type of “wall” so the tables, chairs, DJ, etc could be seperated from the area where the ceremony was held. After checking all over the area, the best option looked like a “pipe and drape” style seperator which was ugly, tacky, and expensive. It would also be tough to tear down and store quickly between the ceremony and reception. I came up with an idea to make a “balloon wall” which consisted of 24 balloon bouquets (12 with 5 balloons – 12 with 7 balloons with the heights of the balloons staggered) – it looked awesome! We used red, black, and silver balloons (wedding theme colors) and weights. We also rented a decorated archway which really tied everything together nicely. When the ceremony was over we simply and easily moved the bouquets around the room as decorations. It was very cost effective as well!

    • That’s a super creative idea, Amy! I love it. I’m making a mental note of that next time I need to do something like that. We used balloons for decor at our wedding too. It was super fun and playful. Wow, and the wedding was only 10 days ago. Still recovering?


    • Very cool. I bet they took them home and put them immediately on their tree. I secretly would’ve liked a December wedding!


  3. Wedding Week! Outdoor wedding using old planks for a table and barrels as the table base. Loved the shabby chic look!

  4. WEDDING WEEK” and my favorite wedding DIY project ive ever created is my sister’s wedding bouquet and bouttainaires. i“liked” The Great American Wedding Expo‘s Facebook too.
    amramazon280 at yahoo dot com

  5. Wedding Week – For my cousin’s wedding all the women in the family got together for a weekend and made strawberry jam and cute jars to put it in as favors. it was delicious!

  6. WEDDING WEEK – At my wedding we made cones out of doileys and threw rose petals instead of having to buy confetti or bubbles or fireworks. It was awesome!

    • Oops I hit enter to soon!
      I love the DIY photo booths for weddings I see on pinterest. I’d love to have a photo booth at my wedding but I bet it’s super expensive, so it’ nice to know there’s a cheaper way to do it! :)

  7. WEDDING WEEK. My favorite DIY for weddings would have to be gathering beautiful woodsy tree branches, and using sparkle spray, completely cover them until they are whimsical, glistening glittery branches. Then you arrange them in a pretty vase and use them for your center pieces. They would be gorgeous at a winter wedding, surrounded by white twinkle lights.

  8. Wedding Week! Our wedding is in September 2013 and we haven’t started any DIY projects yet but one that I am most excited about is having a wooden sign with two arrows pointing in opposite directions reading “I Do/We Did.” Our ceremony and reception are at the same location so it will be helpful to direct guests!

  9. Wedding Week….our daughter was married this past October; she bought old picture frames, spray painted them white, fit in Masonite board painted with chalk paint, and wrote her dinner and drink menus on them.

  10. WEDDING WEEK! My SIL took a white-framed mirror from Ikea and spray painted it to match her bridesmaids dresses and put their picture in it. It turned out so cute (and they kept it and hung it in their house! :)

  11. WEDDING WEEK – I have a co-worker getting married in October and I’m doing a 3-tier card box for her using Burlap, leaves, pine cones and her colors are Tangerine & Green. This is only my second one, but I love getting all the items I need to pull it all together!

  12. WEDDING WEEK… My favorite wedding DIY project, so far, is my wedding bouquet! I’ve made it out of brooches I got from my Grandmother and my Fiance’s Grandmother. It is absolutely beautiful & I look forward to walking down the aisle with it in November!

  13. Wedding week! At my college roommate’s wedding to her high school sweetheart last month, we hung twine along one wall of the reception venue, then used clothespins to hang pictures of the bride and groom. It included individual baby pictures and shots from growing up, and tons of them dating over the years. It was very sweet, and everyone loved seeing how they’ve grown up!

  14. Wedding Week… I love it when the couple uses a scrapbook of their relationship as the guest sign-in book. It is so much fun for the guests to look at and a nice source to look back to so you can see who shared in your special day.

  15. Wedding Week

    My uncle cut a wood disk for each table at my reception and my aunt, cousins, and I decorated them with fake moss, silk flowers, a mason jar, and pine cones.

  16. Wedding week! Thanks so much for the chance to win! I found you on Pinterest. I have several friends whose children are getting married soon I know I can put the gift certificate to good use if I won!

  17. Wedding week: I was once at a wedding where all the single guests were given a a tiny velvet box (a match box covered with velvet and it had the couple’s monogram centered on it) with a sliver of the wedding cake inside. It came with instructions to put the box under your pillow and dream that night of your one true love. It was simple and romantic.

  18. When my oldest son was getting married I went with my now daughter n law to BB&B to register. We had a blast! I remarked that I had never bought so much much stuff and come out of spending so little money. I recently entered a challenge at and I made a bouquet of sorts out of a $1 Solar Light. A friend of my son’s saw it on Pinterest and asked if her flower girl could carry it at their outside sunset wedding last week-end. I was so honored!

  19. WEDDING WEEK- My mom and I made some great centerpieces at my wedding, and I love that I still have tons and tons of pillar candles leftover for decorating my house!

  20. Wedding week. I recently was at a wedding where they had put lots & lots of white candles in glass jars all over the place and also purely white Christmas lights everywhere with crepe bows wrapped around the wires. It was very pretty!

  21. Wedding Week! For my wedding, my grandmother sewed squares of fabric that we sent to everyone inside the invitation. They wrote well-wishes or advice on the squares and my grandmother will be putting them all together to make a quilt. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  22. Wedding Week!
    I just got married two weeks ago today and another gift card would be great and very helpful! MY favorite thing at my wedding was instead of a slideshow of pictures of the bride and groom growing up a picture timeline on a clothesline. Rustic and great!

  23. I think the cleverest DIY wedding present is a handmade casserole dish warmer with the glass dish included that had been embossed with the family last name. That is so personal, worthy as a present and doable.

  24. Wedding Week!! I think the coolest DIY for a wedding is….a big clear vase filled with lemons or limes! Classy…I’ve also seen the vase filled with water and a few slices or lemon, lime or orange!!

  25. Wedding Week!
    The coolest wedding favor I have received was from a friend who’s husband does wood engraving. Everyone got a souvenir ornament with the wedding details.

    We are using china and old glass pieces picked up at garage sales and estate sales to make the centerpieces, along with some flowers of course.

    I went to a lovely wedding of two graphic designers almost 10 years ago and they did everything printed themselves: invitations, place cards, favors–everything. All of the pieces were creative and beautiful, but very them. The personal touches made all the difference.

    My favorite centerpiece was created by my daughter-in-law. She made collages of pictures of each guest for their table from photos she had collected over the years. It was fun to look at everyone’s table and see all the memories she had shared with them. She displayed them on wood photo holders that each guest got to take home with them.
    I like The Great American Wedding Expo on Facebook too.

  29. WEDDING WEEK. I love the craft of saving the rose petals tossed in the aisles by the flower girl or from the bouquet and then put in a clear glass Xmas ornament ball for your Christmas tree.

  30. “WEDDING WEEK” – DIY thank you card that included the couple’s wedding photo and the finishing touch was with a ribbon in the same color as their wedding theme

  31. WEDDING WEEK! The save the dates are always my favorite part. My personal favorite save the date is a card and on the inside is a piece of rope and an illustration that shows you how to tie the knot. Very creative and unique.

  32. WEDDING WEEK! My favorite DIY I’ve seen are the personalized stones for bridesmaids to stand on for a garden or other outdoor wedding so that they’re heels don’t sink into the ground. So functional yet so fun!

  33. WEDDING WEEK- I had an embosser made with our monogram and secured ribbon on Chinese take out boxes with the silver seal. Folks filled the boxes with an assortment of candy (homemade and purchased) that was in our wedding colors. Our main color was chocolate brown, YUM!

  34. Wedding Week. I fell in love with the “Here comes the Bride” signs that the kids carry down the aisle in leu of flowers or rings. My bridesmaid was crafty and agreed to make one for my wedding. :)

  35. Wedding Week!! My favorite DIY weeding idea is placing two by fours stayed across the tables and placing mason jars on them with candles and flowers.. Gives it an element but homey feel :)

  36. Wedding Week! This would be such a blessing for me to give to someone I know who is getting married very soon :)

  37. Wedding Week! We folded little origami pockets to hold a tissue and a flower in them. I had the phrase “for your tears of joy” printed on them and placed them in each seat at the ceremony. Really cheap (like 5 dollars!), but a nice touch.

  38. at a recent friend’s wedding we made a paper doily garland with twine and paper doilies– so cute and it really added a lot of character to the venue!

  39. whoops–reposting b/c I forgot to put “Wedding Week” in my post! could you disregard my comment above!
    at a recent friend’s wedding we made a paper doily garland with twine and paper doilies– so cute and it really added a lot of character to the venue!

  40. Wedding Week. We really enjoyed putting together the video of the bride and groom from birth to present. We displayed a laptop on the table and left it on continuos play during the reception. We put a deceptive vase by the laptop with pen and paper for special tips and wishes to be written down for the Bride and Groom.


    My favorite DIY thing we did for our wedding was tissue stickers. We had a basket at the back of the church with mini packs of tissues and the labels we added said “Tears of joy, tears of laughter, tears of a happily ever after”. Everyone RAVED about them! :) They were easy – we used name tag labels and included our wedding logo. Cute and easy!!


    I’m not very creative, but one thing I and my maid of honor crafted ourselves was a game for the bridal shower. We put together a booklet to be passed around the table… for example, there would be some sort of rhyme and then it would say, “now pass this to the person with the largest purse!” or something and then whoever ended up with it on the last page of the game, would win a prize! But some of my favorite DIY things at weddings are when people create their own centerpieces and they look better than something out of a magazine. I wish I could do that!

  43. Wedding Week…I wish I was more creative when I married so I found some cute bags @ IKEA then had my bridesmaids initials monogrammed onto them, then filled them with spa like things. Our favors were flower bulbs, we wanted something that would grow and not be tossed or eaten.

  44. wedding week! my best friend made her own wedding dress- it totally fit her and was beautiful! that is my fave diy!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  45. Wedding week!! My friend’s guest book was a photo book they had made. The pages were black and white and we signed our names with a gold pen. It was very cool!

  46. Wedding week! My favorite DIY craft that I have done is probably a floor rug I made out of upholstery fabric and drop cloth as a backing. It was a pain to sew the huge thing, but definitely worth the savings! Rugs are way too expensive.

  47. Wedding week.At a cousin’s wedding all the guests were given a little birdcage with 5 butterflies in each one. We released butterflies as the bride and groom made their escape.

    my daughter and I made her girlfriends wedding invitations… they were scrolls, tied with ribbons and a lock and key in a jewelry box. They were original and came out so cute.

  49. Wedding Week! My favorite DIY idea I’ve seen for a wedding would be using old forks for the place holders on the tables. I say this is my favorite because I actually used this idea for my husband’s catering business to display his business cards! It was super easy and looked great!

  50. Wedding Week! I loved the favors that looked like little wedding cakes. Graduated sizes of sugar cookies stacked with icing in between. Really cute!

  51. We wanted ballons at our reception. The morning of our wedding we blew up 250 red and white balloons and tied white tags to the ends of the ribbons. Each table had pens and our guest were invited to pull a balloon down and write a message to us on the tags. 25 years later we still have those funny, loving messages.

  52. Wedding Week! I love the centerpieces I’m making for our wedding. I went outside and collected beautiful branches, painted the black, then sprayed silver glitter on them. I’m arranging them in vases with flowers. So elegant ans simple for our winter wedding!

  53. Wedding Week. My dad and I created custom cornhole boards and bags for my sister’s Spring wedding reception. I painted her new initial and coordinated with her wedding colors. The bags had the bride and groom’s initials for the different teams. Everyone enjoyed playing during the reception!

  54. WEDDING WEEK! When I got married I made hand held fans as my program. It was probably my first craft and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  55. WEDDING WEEK! When my daughter got married, we were trying to create a beautiful buffet table but there was a hideous pole right at the end of the table that housed electrical wiring. Definitely an eye sore that could not be removed. We covered it with crepe paper and attached balloons that matched the color theme of the wedding. However, the real difference maker was that we inserted small flashing lights, that can be purchased at most craft stores, inside balloons. It is hard to describe the lovely ambiance that it created and this is an inexpensive way to hide any eyesore at any type of party!!

  56. Wedding Week! My husband and I did most of our wedding planning ourselves. Instead of a gigantic, expensive wedding cake, we made small cakes, beautifully and simply decorated and used them for the table centerpieces. On the top of the cakes… a card with the table # on one side and a goofy pic of us we had done at Dave and Busters (there were 3 different ones).

  57. WEDDING WEEK! I like the DIY luminary table numbers. I did this, but instead of using dim old fake tealights, I just wrapped the vellum papers around tall glass candles from the dollar store!

    I’m a Maid of Honor in my sister’s wedding, so we are planning all kinds of fun DIY projects. One thing I’m working on (that she doesn’t know about) is I’m getting all of the important people in her life to write her a letter. On the morning of her wedding (before she does her make up!) I’m going to give the book to her, and on the last page it will be a letter from her fiance.

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