Scalloped Rug

I considered making the title of this post a tacky play on words like “Shrimp & Scallops” or something, but that would have made entirely no sense. Anyway, back to the rug. I’ve been wanting a rug for our Master Bedroom and Living Room since we moved here. If you’re like me and you don’t decorate with much of an end-plan in mind, items that are versatile are ideal. The internet brought me to this nice find at Urban Outfitters.

A 5×7 rug for $89? Not bad, but still too high for my frugality. I started googling promo codes in hopes of nabbing a discount to no success. I slammed my laptop and stormed out of my office in disappointment. I wanted that rug. Bad. Halfway through the hall, I stopped in my tracks. I had the sudden and mysterious urge to call my local Urban store and see if they had any in stock. Why was I bothering to do this? I wasn’t sure. Having them stocked locally would do nothing to change the price. Or would it?

The girl who greeted me on the phone was called “Tuh, like the number.” Her kind voice was a beacon of sympathy in this storm of emotion. “Tuh, like the number,” did not have the rug in store, but could have it ordered. Just as I was venturing to ask TLTN if she could get me some promo codes on the down low, she said “it’s on sale in store for $9.99.” In disbelief, I asked TLTN to repeat herself at least twice. By the time she confirmed the sale price my car engine was already starting. Meeting TLTN in person was just as much a delight as speaking on the phone and together we celebrated my new rug.

First, I tried it in the Master Bedroom.

The room looked better with a rug, but I’m not convinced this is the right one for it. The pattern seems like its going side to side rather than up and down and that looks odd.

Now, to the living room.

The creases from shipping are a bit of an annoyance, but I think I prefer the living room location for now. A coffee table will pull everything together too.

See if you can snag one for yourself! $9.99 is pretty unbeatable. Tell TLTN I sent you.


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