Thank You Note Postcards

Using personalized postcards rather than a standard card and envelope is a great way to save money on thank you notes. The cost of postage for an envelope is currently $.45, while postcard postage is only $.32! There are many websites you can use to create your own; we prefer Vistaprint. The front was an image we designed from a wedding photo. The back was left blank to write our thank you messages.

To print 250 cards was $42.99 – saving us even more in stationary costs. However, we got ours completely free! I filled out a feedback form sent to me by Vistaprint and noted they had made a small error in our design. Shortly after, they contacted me to apologize for their error and let me know they’d be giving us our entire order free! How unexpected! We give them an A- to work with. Their website is a little difficult to navigate, but their customer service in unbeatable. I love the personalized postcards. Everyone now has a free photo of us to enlarge and frame in their living room put on their fridge.


2 thoughts on “Thank You Note Postcards

  1. Yes Kelly Lynch, Patrick Swayze could’ve carried you around that room forever. He could’ve carried any of us around that room fo*eger…rsivhs as a single tear rolls down his cheek*If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the basement, making some pottery.

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