Bridal Bouquets

Fresh bouquets are beautiful, but they are also expensive and time sensitive. I decided to utilize the wonderful and expansive world of silk flowers. It was a relief to be done with them months in advance and to have one less thing to worry about the day of the wedding. Also, to make my bouquet, all the bridesmaids’ bouquets, and 7 corsages was only $106!

I asked my bridesmaids, Mom Schultz, and Borz (my mom) to tell me their favorite flower and color. My bouquet is all of those flowers combined. Flowers are a pretty insignificant thing, but it is a symbol to me of the women who have helped shaped my life and our marriage.

I prefer a simple and clean look in flower arrangements, so after I removed the tags, I trimmed away all of the leaves and took several inches off of each stem using wire cutters. Next, I wrapped each bouquet with floral tape.

Using a glue gun, I wrapped the stems with a soft, flowered lace and a ribbon matching the color of the petals. My bouquet was larger needed some more stability, so I wrapped it with masking tape before using the floral tape.

A big and special thank you to David’s mom, Dinah, who helped me with everything. She is our resident corsage expert.


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