The Ceremony

If you just checked out the photos from our Pre-Ceremony, you are eager and ready for the Ceremony itself.

First, there’s the photo that everyone loves to see – David’s reaction to when he first saw me walk down the aisle.

Yes! You guys, I think he is pleased. This cannot be taken for granted because before I walked down the aisle I had delirious bride thoughts like, “what if he doesn’t like me?”

My favorite part of the ceremony was having Communion with David as his parent’s performed “Make Us One, Father” and then the congregation sang “How Great Thou Art.”

The day of our wedding, the thing we received the most compliments about was, surprisingly enough, the message of the ceremony! Really? I was shocked. I thought most people thought that was the most unavoidably boring part of a whole ordeal. The credit goes to our friend Scott, who officiated and excellently communicated the heart of marriage. We wanted everything we did in the ceremony to be purposeful, something that really meant something to us and not just ritual. We are glad the way he spoke resonated with people. Here’s an excerpt:

What some of you might not know is that running concurrent with this love story is another even deeper love story, even more important to them than each other.  You see, as important as this day is, as this commitment is—the choice of a life-long mate, it’s only the second most important decision of their lives. The most important decision of their lives is another relationship each has; another love story in their lives. As incredulous as it sounds, it’s their personal relationship with… God himself.

In fact, God uses the marriage relationship as the highest analogy to a relationship with Him. It’s no secret, the commitment you make to marrying someone else requires everything you are—your word, your integrity, your character, your faithfulness. God designed marriage so that you would rely on Him; over and over in the Bible, He clearly describes our dependence on Him as the key to success in our relationships with others.

God chose the deepest, most intimate example of unconditional love that we, as humans, can experience and used it to describe an almost incomprehensible mystery—our relationship with our Creator. If you’ve never heard this idea of a personal relationship with God, or perhaps you’ve heard it in church, but it never really clicked for you, David and Rachel asked me if I would try and explain it in a way it might make sense to you.

Really, just like this wedding today, it’s all about a love story.

And, just like David and Rachel’s romance, whether you realize it or not, God is head over heels in love with you. He’s crazy about you and longs to spend time with you. He’s been doing everything possible to get you to respond to his initiatives.

And if you’ve sensed His pursuit of you, you might be thinking, “but I’m not good enough to be friends with God.” I’m sure David and Rachel have at one time had the same response to each other. “You don’t really want me. If you really knew me, you’d have second thoughts.”

Actually, this is no surprise to God. He knows you better than you do. Remember, He’s crazy about you. He is so committed to making this relationship with you work out; He’ll do whatever it takes just to be with you. The only thing that remains is for you to respond to His initiatives, to accept His gift, to enter into that relationship.

And then, finally, (after some other stuff too) we were married! I present to you MR. AND MRS. DAVID AND RACHEL SCHULTZ!

We exited the sanctuary, but were totally glued to the windows and having so much fun watching people exit.

And then, we had the bird seed send-off, which was my favorite part of the whole day. It was violent and absolute madness. Just as every good send off should be, right? However, we have a grand total of zero pictures from it. Guests, can you help us out? Does anyone have pictures? Oh well. I’ll leave you with this other excerpt from Scott in my final moments as a non-Mrs.

So, you have God’s pursuit of both David and Rachel. They chose to follow His best for their lives–which leads them right to each other for the rest of their lives. Two love stories running side by side, drawing them closer to each other and to God every step of the way.

See you at the Reception! Let’s party.


2 thoughts on “The Ceremony

  1. Hi Rachel and David, This is Nanny, Elysia’s Grandma, I was just clued in to this blog and have throughly enjoyed everything I pointed and clicked into! I have copied a receipe and read through the” Ceremony” and I love it all. You are a beautiful bride and David…well Rach, you know how to pick em! I’ll be back and plan to follow closely and enjoy it all, every picture, every recipe, and your wit…Nanny(Carol Harris)

    • Nanny! Your comment made me so happy! How encouraging. You are too kind. I just saw Elysia last week and get to see her again this weekend. I am spoiled! Thanks again for reading. I hope I can see you soon.


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