Come with me on a walk through the surreal hours proceeding when David and I vowed to spend the rest of our lives together. Oh boy! Here we go.

My best friend from High School, Tyler and I reminisced about the video of David’s performance at my Bachelorette Party.

Dave and his homies, doing whatever they do

My mom finishing my hair

I like photos where I think my mom and I look alike. Do you see it?

I’m told this was a “HONEYMOON, ON THREE!” chant.

My posse and me praying just before we walked down the aisle

The men doing the same

And then it was showtime! But before we get to that, we must have a quick rewind. David and I decided to exchange gifts before the ceremony, without seeing each other, of course! I loved holding his hand, even though I couldn’t see him. I gave him a cologne  I had bought for him and he had chosen a perfume for me. Scent is supposedly the strongest sense tied to memory, so our hope is that whenever we wear them, it will take us back to this day.

See you at the ceremony!

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