Fringey Crepe Paper Backdrop

Here’s how to make a huge cat toy. Oops, I mean a decorative statement piece for your next big party. I almost can’t believe you can make such a cool backdrop using just regular crepe paper. And, that it was pretty cheap considering how dramatic its effect.

We had a 15 foot wall space behind where the dessert table with our cake and about a billion several hundred cupcakes stood. Our backdrop was 7 feet tall, so I began by cutting strips of crepe paper to that length.

Fold strip in half several times, until it is about 6 inches long. Use scissors to cut fringe on each side. Do not cut too close to the middle to cause the streamer to fall apart. Also be careful not to make the fringes too short, or they will not have as nice a fringe.

Ruffle fringe and unfold. You will feel like a cat playing with a toy. Just embrace it.

Using a hot glue gun, adhere streamers to the dowel.

I liked the look of having color blocks of different shades. Since Hobby Lobby didn’t have the most artisitic array of hues, I ordered them special online from The Crepe Paper Store.

Keep  cutting, then gluing, cutting, then gluing, cutting, then gluing until you think your hand might fall off. David’s brother rigged a very useful make-shift pulley system for us to use while we glued.

Plus, they’re quite easy to store.

I just rolled them up until the big day. It is totally worth it to take the time to roll them up slowly and carefully so they are less tangled when you have to unroll them!

Special thanks to Andrea, Mom Schultz, Joel and, of course, David for all the help!


6 thoughts on “Fringey Crepe Paper Backdrop

  1. I found this on pinterest and can’t wait to try it. My daughters 1st birthday photos are in a week so I plan on doing this as the background foe her cake smash. Can’t wait to see how it photographs!!
    Wonderful idea, thanks for sharing.

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