My Wedding Dress

Many shop’s number of non-strapless dresses is somewhere between none and two. One of which is guaranteed to be a Kate Middleton wannabe knock-off. It quickly became clear that because I wanted sleeves, I was going to have to buy a strapless gown and get creative. I got mine off the rack at David’s Bridal for pretty cheap, knowing I would do lots of modifications. Here’s me trying it on for the very first time!

Doesn’t this look like a thrilling and magic moment? No? Maybe because it was early in the morning or because this dress was very little like what I wanted. The first alteration on the list was taking out the zipper and adding a lace up corset. That cost about $150 at David’s Bridal. Yikes. I probably could have found it somewhere else for cheaper, but they got it done on time, so in the seamstress world, that is pretty invaluable. Overall, I give David’s Bridal a B+ to work with. Corsets are great if you’re a person who has an hourglass figure. It keeps you very secure and I am totally glad I got it.

My goals that remained were hemming, adding volume to the skirt, and the monster task of creating sleeves from nothing. I recruited a student in the Apparel & Textile Design department at MSU to do it all for me on the cheap. Well, let’s just say while I still think it could be a smart way to go about it if you find a person who is talented and the right fit, my experience was a disaster. I won’t bash anyone on the internet, so I will fast forward and say that person ended up only doing the extra batting in the bottom. But, at least it was finished! (Oh, hope you don’t mind some cute, rambunctious horse-play with me and my two new big brothers that shows off the luscious and full skirtline.)

Now it’s the week of the wedding and I still need some sleeves to magically appear. I did not want to go the jacket route because that   often doesn’t look very “put together” to me. But, I knew I wanted sleeves because as the saying goes, modest is hottest! So, with a sheer material I bought at Jo Ann’s for $10, we had some sleeves to sew on to the dress. Then, my mom and I removed flower appliques from the skirt and attached them to the neckline and arms. My hope was that the would flowers appear almost like they were growing along my collar, inspired by the look of ivy when it grows along a house. Well, as you obviously realize by now it all got done. I was really pleased, even considering my outlook on dress hunting. Who is this hottie superstar in the picture? I don’t know her! How’d that happen?

Also, if you’ve been thinking I remind you of somebody, I might know what you mean. Maybe I was subconsciously channeling a certain someone for my look?

If you just can’t get enough, the details on how I accessorized my dress are available for your reading pleasure.


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