Craft Desk

My friend Ty’s parents are moving and were looking to get rid of some furniture. His mom Jackie posted a few pictures of things they’re selling on Facebook, including this really nice dining set.

I asked Jackie how much she wanted for it and her and her husband offered it to us for FREE! We considered using it as our dining table, but the soft white would clash with our dining room paint, which led us to my office. (I’ve never been happier for paint to clash with a piece of furniture.) You may recall my previous desk.

My old desk is cute and it served me well throughout college, but it has very little room for workspace. I could barely have my laptop and a notebook open at the same time which is why I rarely studied in college. My first thought was to put the desk adjacent to the wall the where old one was. This was kind of cool, if you don’t mind feeling like a bank teller.

I liked facing the door, but the real problem came with the hutch from my old desk. It has a lot of great storage, so I wanted to keep using it. Unfortunately, it was too wide for this new table, as you can see from the 4 inches hanging off the edge.

Then we were back to having the desk flush against the wall like the old one.

Definite upgrade!

Not a bad work and craft space, if I do say so myself. Thanks again to Ken and Jackie who made it possible!


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