What I’m Eating

I’m a member of the meal planning revolution. Okay, “revolution” is dramatic. We just love meal planning! Here’s why.

B: Peach Blueberry Mango Smoothie
D: Chicken Salads

L: Ham & Apple Paninis

L: Caprese Pasta
D: Sesame Chicken

L: Soup Au Pistou
D: Date Night!

D: Mac & Goat Cheese with Chicken & Rosemary

B: Pancake Apples
D: Balsamic Chicken

L: Lasagna

The meals that are left blank are what we call “Fend For Yourself” occasions. It is a time for enjoying leftovers or the standard food basics we buy such as cereal or lunch meat.

Positives of Meal Planning:

  1. Saves lots of money. Meal planning-enthusiasts argue most people buy far more than they need because they just buy whatever looks good once they’re at the store and have no overall plan for actual meals to make with what they buy.
  2. Less stress. There’s not “what should we have for dinner tonight?” every night. I spend one hour of set aside time on Saturday deciding for the whole week. It makes it enjoyable and not a hassle.
  3. Fewer trips to grocery store. I am totally the person who would otherwise end up going to Kroger everyday to just get two things.
  4. It is healthier. I think I’ve noticed an unintentional side effect that we snack less because I know exactly what I will eat and when.
  5. “I get really excited reading the board early in the week.” – David. “Also, it reminds me of when I was younger and my mom told me what we were having for dinner.”

We budget $100 dollars weekly for the two of us and had plenty of tasty, high quality food. There were a few extra costs this week because we were buying a lot of things like flour, salt & pepper, olive oil, salad dressings, etc. because we just moved.

This week’s grocery total: $132.90


2 thoughts on “What I’m Eating

  1. I also try to do meal planning but I try to make something at the beginning of the week that can be transformed later in the week. For example, I’ll roast two whole chickens with veggies on Sunday night instead of just one (there are only two people in our household). From those two chickens, I can make:

    – Leftover roasted chicken, of course
    – Chicken salad / chicken salad sandwiches
    – Chicken nachos / chicken enchiladas
    – Chicken pizza
    – Chicken stock (use the whole carcass and veggie cuttings)…which goes into :
    * Chicken soup, or chicken tortilla soup

    You can do the same for a big beef roast (makes a nice sliced Asian-style barbecue sandwich) or braised lamb shanks (Greek-style pizza). This makes me (and my wallet) happy!

    • I love this! I can’t believe I never thought of it. Sometimes I make chicken like, 3-4 times each week. What a hassle! Great idea. So glad you shared. Thanks for reading.


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