Summer Reading List

Yesterday was Memorial Day, which in Michigan means it is now Summer. When I was a kid we only had one car and my dad had to drive it to work, so when I think of summers I think of riding my bike a lot – and most of the time riding it to the library. What makes Summer reading so much more fun than every other time of the year? Here’s my 2012 picks. There’s only four. I’m not ambitious due to my tendency to have half of about 10 books finished at any given time.

Sacred Marriage
by Gary Thomas

David and I started reading this when we were dating. And we’re still not done! Yikes. We read the whole first half in October and haven’t ready any since. It’s a great book and I learned so much. I want to finish this up. (We read it to each other out loud, so that makes me feel a little better about our slowness).

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)
By Mindy Kaling

Well, the title alone drew me in because this question rules my life is funny. You probably recognize this author as Kelly on “The Office.” She’s my favorite character on that show and she used to write a blog I loved reading. I like that she embraces being super girly and chatty, but she’s a closet genius and still not so arrogant that she has to broadcast that she went to Dartmouth. I hope this book doesn’t disappoint.

By Suzanne Collins

This pop-culture phenomena requires little explanation, but I read the first two books months ago. While finishing up my senior thesis and planning a wedding, I couldn’t allow myself to get started into the final book of the series. Also, recently I found out that before writing these books, Suzanne Collins wrote episodes of the TV show “Clarissa Explains It All.” I guess I was a fan even longer than I realized.

The Me I Want to Be
By John Ortberg

Last, but not least. A close friend recommended this to me last summer and I have wanted to read it since. The anticipation has built and I am ready. (Plus, she probably wants her book back).

I’ll consider Summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, which equals 97 days. That’s one book every 24.5 days. This is do-able. Are there any other reads I should have on here?


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