Newlywed Makeovers

Well, “makeover” might be an overstatement, but these are still some pretty significant changes.











I’d been keeping my hair long for the wedding, so there was nothing holding me back now from getting it cut short. This is my attempt at a wife haircut.











I’m not sure if I like it yet, so please shower me with compliments.


9 thoughts on “Newlywed Makeovers

    • there is a meaning, but it’s ok, all good, this just crossed my mind and I found it blog-worthy because it was one of the few times I had this thought that was actually all set, cocltnimaue-abme to other humans out there, not like when you have something in mind but it just won’t stay put or you can’t express it clearly, you know? so I’m rather proud of myself actually.and thank you :)and you’re probably right.

  1. The haircut is really nice… I think it’s perfect for this next stage in your life (not to mention the hot weather). You look great! And Dave looks good with or without his beard!

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