8 days in Orlando, Florida.

On our wedding night, we stayed at The English Inn in Eaton Rapids, Michigan which was about 20 minutes from our reception. It was beautiful. I recommend it to anyone and hope we can go again. Also, we are making postcards for our wedding thank you notes and wanted a picture of us holding this sign I made for the front side of the postcard. Well, we completely forgot to take it with our photographers, so we attempted this hotel room replacement. Not sure if this is good enough to use.

I’m not going to post a lot of detail about our trip, but here are a few pictures for all my curious friends. This is at our favorite restaurant from the trip, Portobello.

Here we are on the ferry. Don’t be fooled, a lot of my pictures are from Disney World, but we only did the Disney thing one day.

Magic Kingdom! David totally wanted to wear these ears. I didn’t force him. He had to coerce me.

My birthday was during our Honeymoon, so you know I really acted like a diva got a lot of special treatment on that day. We ate in downtown Orlando at The Boheme and The Dessert Lady.

I could post about 100 pictures just of the overpriced tasty food we ate, but I won’t. Maybe I’ll try recreating some in my own kitchen for you to see too.


2 thoughts on “Honeymoon

  1. running up my dress. But to the congregation, it looked like I didn’t want to go up there and David was pulling my arm to get me to go up there.
    I would like to ask you some questions Rachel. Could you e-mail me? Thanks!

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