The greatest university in all the land.

11 Reasons I love Michigan State University

1. Class is cancelled if the professor is more than 15 minutes late. It never happens, but the thrill of the possibility was absolutely enchanting.
2. The Dairy Store. I like how they have a different flavor for Big 10 schools. No matter how hard I try, Maize and Blueberry is my favorite.
3. The CATA. I love the buses! I spent approximately 256 hours on them the year I lived at Chandler’s. This is a real calculation; I didn’t just make up that number.
4. Hating Zeke the Wonder Dog. He barely ever catches the frisbees. Everyone just relax.
5. The sensation of thinking you may have found out someone you know is Sparty.
6. The Wharton Center. My place of employment as Public Relations Intern for four years.
7. Athletics! We won the greatest college basketball game every played! Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird. MSU takes the 1979 NCAA Title. Plus, another hundred great things since too. Greg Jones. Mateen Cleaves. Everybody loves Draymond. Kirk Cousins.
8. Pokey sticks. Apparently now they’re  called “Poke Me sticks” and Gumby’s is “Goomba’s.” Whatever.
9. Wilson dorm.
10. That I was on an IM Volleyball team. And that our team name was “Teenage Dream.”
11. It’s where I met my lover.


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