Wedding Showers

There’s no real way to experience a Bridal Shower other than feeling scatter brained and amazingly worried loved. Party situations stress me out, especially when I am the focus. I get too overwhelmed with if people are having fun and what they’re thinking of the party/me. David is so good. Him pulling me aside to pray before each Shower was the only way I was able to not worry, but just accept the love from people who care about us.

David’s mom and aunt threw us an adorable party. Dinah and Diane are without a doubt candidates for cutest sister combo of all time. Just look at them. And yes, their shirts coordinate with the decorations and each other.

Three of my four bridesmaids hosted a shower for my college friends. Jordie was missing. (It wasn’t right without you, Precious J.) Man, are these girls good looking.

But the best part was David being there for all of them. He was right at home. The ladies love him. Seriously, he is just like, perfect.

Another special thanks to my mom, Uncle Fufu and Aunt Heather who threw me a shower for the Nashville posse.

PS: Will you forgive that this post is all iPhone photos?


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