Posted in April 2012


The greatest university in all the land. 11 Reasons I love Michigan State University 1.¬†Class is cancelled if the professor is more than 15 minutes late. It never happens, but the thrill of the possibility was absolutely enchanting. 2. The Dairy Store. I like how they have a different flavor for Big 10 schools. No … Continue reading

Bachelorette Party

I’ve waited my entire life for this day. To summarize, it involved doing a lot of embarrassing and awkward things in public. The grand finale was a surprise performance from David. Wait, what? He can sing? I’m as shocked as anyone!

Reception Seating Chart

Wedding reception table assignments was no match for us. How do people do it NOT this way? We bought two packs of the baby sized sticky notes and color coordinated each with a people group. Light pink: Rachel’s friends Dark pink: Rachel’s family Green: David’s family Orange: David’s friends Yellow: Mutual college friends It’s so … Continue reading

A Wedding with the Schultzes

Is that the proper way to write the plural of Schultz? I need to know this. (What about Schultzi?) We celebrated a wedding for the daughter of one of David’s family’s friends this weekend. It was fun being at a wedding knowing that it will be us in just three weeks. Also, it was the … Continue reading

Why I Don’t Believe in Prayer

This week I tried an experiment where I just told God what was happening. I didn’t really even spiritualize it. I just told him stuff as it happened. “God, I’m worried about the conversation I have to have with X person later.” “My muscles are sore from working out yesterday.” “I like the way the … Continue reading