3 Things I Learned in Detroit

Some MSU girls and I made a trip to the downtown D this weekend. Pastor Kevin Butcher of Hope Community Church led a bible study for us Friday night and we got to go to his Church Sunday morning. What an inspiring group of Christians! Hope is a Church that values people over routine. Every Sunday I’ve been there, people in the service will interrupt Pastor Kev in the middle of his sermon to ask questions. Several times I’ve seen him stop preaching and pray for someone on the spot. The service is not a flashy production, but very accessible to the people living in the abandoned Detroit neighborhoods.

We stayed less than a block away from the Church at the “Hope House,” part of a non-profit called End of the Road. Their mission is to “reach the lost and help the poor in Detroit and beyond.” Here I am with Gary “Garebear” and Becky Gentry, the founders of EOTR.

Three Things I Learned During My Time in the D
1. Stop with the categories of “ministry,” “career,” or “personal time.” Just be an all-ecompassing life dedicated to Jesus.
2. Meekness: someone who can do something, but doesn’t because they have nothing to prove.
3. God will never shame or guilt you about not doing enough or how many people you haven’t helped. A voice of guilt or shame is Satan, not the Spirit.


2 thoughts on “3 Things I Learned in Detroit

  1. Love this Rach :) I love Kevin Butcher – he spoke at our fall retreat last year and at our women’s time this year. What an amazing man of God!! I can’t wait to see you in just a couple of short months :) Love you

    • Keegan! I agree, he has been a very helpful teacher to me. It was so great to see you at the wedding. My only regret is we didn’t get more time together.

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