The Proposal

Whenever I am with someone who asks me to tell our proposal story, I feel disappointed if David is not there with me. He shares it so humbly and sincerely. I almost refuse to tell it myself because of how much I love hearing it from him. So, here it is from his view, in his own words.

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The whole time we were dating, I thought I would marry Rachel. I knew I wanted to start making plans for a proposal after we got back from spending Thanksgiving with my family. I had been stressing out to find the ring I wanted to give her. Several stores I had visited did not have anything close to what I wanted. I had been praying God would guide me to the ring for her. Finally, I found the exact one I was looking for.

As soon as I had the ring, I wanted to give it to her. Whenever we spent time together at my house, I would think about how the ring was only 10 feet away.

I called her mom and dad a week before I proposed to ask for permission. I had never met her dad in person and I did not know her mom well. I was nervous about telling them I wanted to marry their daughter. After I told them the story of our relationship and why I wanted to marry Rachel her dad asked me two questions. First, he asked if we were friends. And second, he asked if I believed it was the will of God. I answered yes to both questions and they gave their blessing for me to propose.

The day had arrived for me to ask Rachel. It was the last day of finals for Fall semester. I went over to her house that morning and brought her Cini-Minis from Burger King. She loves them. I left for class and when I returned she told me she was having “the worst day of my life” because the Cini-Minis had made her bloated. I got scared and wondered if I should still propose. I did not want it to be on the “worst day of her life.” I promised her that day would get better. She quickly responded, “you don’t know that.”

We then drove to Northville, MI where we had planned to visit Rachel’s friend Elysia’s house. Elysia and I had previously schemed that we would not go to her house. Instead I took Rachel to downtown Northville, where we walked to Mill Race Historical Village. Early in our relationship, we had gone on a date to a historical village. It was one of the times I felt most close to her.

Walking through the village, I told her how much I enjoyed spending the semester with her. We approached a gazebo by a waterfall where I had planned to ask her to be my wife, but there were men with chainsaws cutting down trees. Quickly improvising, we started moving along the creek and I found a bench. Once we were on the bench, things got serious.

I turned to Rachel and looked her in the eyes. I told her how much I cared for her. I told her in Romans we are called to give up our bodies as living sacrifices to God. I knew we both wanted this for our lives and I wanted to do it alongside her. Like Christ sacrificed himself for us in an act of love, I wanted to give up myself for her. She was the only person I ever really felt that for.

Rachel has helped me to understand God’s love for me. First, from how greatly I loved her, but also how she treated me and cared for me gives me a glimpse of God’s perfect love.  I had been waiting for her before I even knew her.

I told her I loved her for the first time. This was so exciting for me because I had loved her for a long time, but we had agreed to not say it until, God willing, we were ever engaged. I did not want to say it until I could make a promise to love her forever. Rachel is the only girl I have ever told I loved her or that she is beautiful.

I got off the bench, got on my knee, and showed her the ring. I asked her if she would marry me. I put the ring on her finger and we were engaged. We then boarded a plane and flew to Nashville, TN to visit with her family and share our joy with them.

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