Wedding Invitations

A smart friend of mine told me wedding invitations are a really stupid thing to pay a lot of money for. I could not agree more. People usually just read them and throw them away. For our gigantic wedding with 567 people invited, we needed to make 300 invitations on the cheap.

We found these invitations at Hobby Lobby. A box of 50 was $24.99, but to our good fortune they were 50% off. (My observation from wedding planning is that Michael’s, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, etc. are constantly rotating everything to be on sale. You do not need to ever pay full price for anything.) Here are our invitations on Hobby Lobby’s website.

It was easy to make a template on my computer for our text. Kinko’s charges 11 cents per print, which David and I went knew was worth avoiding the panic and stress I usually endure when trying to reload ink cartridges or print something in the correct orientation.

So, we paid only 33 cents per wedding invitation! Our best trick, however, came with our response cards. We created an e-mail account for the purpose of our RSVP’s. It cuts our cost of postage in half. Also, we hand delivered the invitations wherever possible, saving even more.

While we’re on that topic, if you are invited to the Wedding, why don’t you go ahead and RSVP right now?

Stationary: $79.50
Printing: $34.98
Postage: $107.33
TOTAL: $221.81 for 300 invitations


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